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5 things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta

5 things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta
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is in the center of the renowned Versilia resort from which it is possible, among other things, to easily reach the following attractions:

The center of Tonfano and the pier
Villa La Versiliana and the park
La Versiliana Theater
The beach
International Sculpture Park

5 things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta There are certainly many things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta because the tourist vocation of our area dates back to the 1930s, it was very famous in the 1960s for its nightlife, just think of the legendary Bussola, where internationally renowned singers or artists performed. But it is still an area that deserves to be experienced in order to really appreciate it and, not surprisingly, it enjoys a tourism that is faithful over time that returns year after year in these parts.

In line with its tradition, Marina di Pietrasanta offers everything a tourist could wish for: wide well-equipped beaches, elegant shops, excellent restaurants and bars where you can eat and drink the latest news; in addition to the many events organized by the city administration and night clubs, including internationally renowned ones such as Twiga and Nikki Beach; opportunity to visit the hills and villages of the hinterland, very well kept and characteristic; there is a gastronomic tradition in line with the rest of Tuscany; possibility of practicing many sporting activities such as golf, surfing, wind-surfing, mountaineering and hiking, horse riding, cycling, cycling, mountain biking.

The center is very well-kept and characterized by luxury villas and villas, gardens and small parks.

The variety of the landscape offers a coast framed by hills and Alps that make the landscape unmistakable and unique. The pine forests are a feature of this strip of the Tuscan coast.

We have identified the 5 main things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta, what we think characterizes it:

The heart of the center goes from the pier and the promenade to via Versilia which is partly a pedestrian area.
Here you will find shops and a wide choice of pizzerias and restaurants, ice cream parlors, clothing and sports shops, perfumeries.

On Saturday mornings, the weekly market takes place in the square in front of the pier and in the surrounding streets, well known among its visitors, in particular, for clothing.

5 things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta The name that most of all is linked to Villa La Versiliana is that of Gabriele D’Annunzio. The poet loved to spend the summer and into the fall period in the Villa owned by the Counts Digerini Nuti family. The Villa was built in 1800 and art exhibitions are still organized inside it today.
The Versiliana Park is what remains of the coastal forest, the so-called “Macchia di Marina” which already existed in the 1300s, and extends for about 800,000 square meters.

It is a forest full of alders and pines and a dense undergrowth and can be visited following three different routes: ‘A forest for us’, ‘Polychrosalus life trail’ and ‘Versiliana bike’. It is common to find people running and horseback riding.

La Versiliana Festival.
Renowned over the years for the importance of the shows on the calendar, the International Festival has been animating the Versilia afternoons and evenings, especially July and August, for many decades now. Immersed in the green of the pine forest, the Versiliana Theater offers theatrical performances, ballet and concerts of light and classical music with world-famous national and international artists.

Famous is the Caffè della Versiliana where in the afternoon celebrities, journalism and politics but also local personalities from authoritative names in journalism on current affairs, politics and entertainment are interviewed. Participation in the Café for the public is free.

Rossella Brescia, Antonio Manzini, Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Giuseppe Cruciani, Gianfranco Vissani, Sveva Casati Modignani, Stefano Massini, Dacia Maraini, Barbara Alberti, Frank Matano, Klaus Davi, Tomaso Montanari, Ivan Zazzaroni are scheduled for summer 2019 Salvo Sottile, Arrigo Sacchi, Domenico Iannacone, Paolo Del Debbio, Ciro Vestita, Paolo Condò, Davide Oldani, Eva Cantarella, Giordano Bruno Guerri.

5 things to see in Marina di Pietrasanta Last but not least is the beach!
Our area enjoys fine sandy beaches and the bathing establishments offer high-level services, well-kept beaches and well-spaced umbrellas, which guarantee the privacy and tranquility of the guests. It is often possible to practice some water sports (surfing, sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball) and the large spaces guarantee everyone’s tranquility.

In general, the activities are not intrusive and tourists are satisfied both for the tranquility and for the possibility of carrying out activities.

In 2017, the municipal administration formalized the birth


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